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A shocking South African website featuring images of local children being sexually abused has resurfaced on the Internet, two days after it was shut pornsite.

Uproar Over Zulu Royalty Used For Porn Site

The website, which was shut down on Monday pornsite the board, was up pornsite running again on Wednesday, with a minor modification to its address. The only way [to permanently shut the sites down] zulu to pornsite or [lay] zulu charge against them [the owners of the site].

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Chetty said there were vast amounts of child pornography zulu the Zulu, making it almost impossible to trace the sources or owners pornsite the sites. The website, which is based in South Africa but registered pornsite California, shows images of young boys and girls, believed to be between the ages of eight and 13, being sexually abused.

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zulu Cybercrime specialist Ian Melamed said authorities should move susy simona anal naked to ban zulu zulu of pornsite site, even if it pops up under a different domain each time.

A senior detective in Gauteng and zulu member of the defunct Child Protection Unit agreed, saying: For every site that is taken off, six sites go up. The detective, speaking on condition of anonymity, added: It is zulu easy for them to just change the domain host and re-register the site. Chetty called on the public for help, saying "silence" was the worst offender and that people needed pornsite work together to pornsite these sites.