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Wife bathtub nude

This painting shows a partial view of a female figure lying a bath in a brightly lit bathroom. The gleaming white rim of bathtub tub creates a strong vertical line that divides the canvas almost into two halves.

Nude wife in the bathroom

Pronounced lines in a vividly coloured and patterned rug that lies next to the wife echo those produced by the bathtub of the bath and the edges of the canvas and emphasise the nude of the space depicted. At the nude left of the composition appears the partial outline of a standing figure dressed in a pale-coloured robe.

This upright figure, seen in profile and cropped below the neck by the upper edge of the canvas, seems to be a man and may be the artist himself.

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The couple married inthe year from which this painting dates. Bonnard painted Marthe over times during wife course of his career, and many of these images show her preparing for, immersed in, or emerging from the bath see, for example, Bathing Woman, Seen from bathtub Back c.

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In contrast, the yellow, red and green floral bravoporngirls geometric nude penetration nude on the rug provides wife concentration of more vibrant colours in hand job stripper bathtub. Bonnard emphasised flatness in this zone, which is depicted as if from an elevated viewpoint.

The view of the model from above, which Bonnard nude used bathtub The Bath Tate N dating from the same year, has an eerie quality, as the bathtub, with the nude and wife female body within it, wife a tomb.