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Whoop ur ass

party fuck girls

Whoopin ass or not; Dress how you want. Its an extension of you.

Whoop your ass

Its a piece of your personality in tangible form. Lol remember that feeling? You indian girl clit get these hands, you ass demon. Idk if I can have kids. They're so fucking annoying and needy it makes me wanna punt the fuckers like an 80 yd field goal.

25+ Best Whoop Your Ass Memes | Looks Memes, When Your Mom Memes

These the only 2 niggas who can wear some shit like this without looking sus. The rest of you niggas got major explaining to do. I live by this motto tbh also I just slurped down some peppermint tea and filed my nails so I guess you could call me Iconic.

Lmao growing up ass the whoop. Having a crazy ass brother be like Whoop, Fashion, and Hoe: