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Turkish humor

Political and religious satire in Turkey. The old humour tradition, popularity among the magazin, amature tranny nude controversies. Humour magazines are turk instrument for openly criticizing authority, breaking social sex sexual taboos or simply making fun of society.

However, the magazin also reflect the many contradictory realities of Turkish society: The first satire and humour magazin in Constantinople sex during the second half of xxbabe pic 19th century.

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The magazines were inspired by contemporary French and English drawings. They marked the passage from oral to written humour traditions magazin also expressed sex main political, moral and religious concerns of the Ottoman multiethnic society.

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In later decades, it served as a model for Turkish humour magazines. First published in Greek, then in French, Turkish and Armenian, the magazine had texts and cartoons one of the cartoons portrayed Diogene asking Alexander turk Great not to take the sun turk from him.

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Between andduring the temporary reintroduction of freedom of expression, magazines and daily newspapers, including humour magazines, thrived and multiplied. Considering only magazines written in Turkish and Armenian, fifty Turkish language magazines and eighteen Armenian magazines were turk.

AfterOttoman identity gradually gave way to Turkish identity.