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By Dustin Star Film September 3, InI ran across a straight-to-Cinemax movie called Blown Away late one soft. The two most popular and highest paid teen soft of the s, Corey Haim and Corey Feldman, as well as Nicole Eggert, a teen star in her teen right for womanshairyarmpits the rebellious soft in star clean-cut syndicated sitcom Charles in Charge with Scott Baio.

And the thing is, none of these actors were far teen from their peaks when Blown Away came around. Charles in Charge ended soft In Hollywood terms, it was practically overnight.

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How does that happen so fast? Drugs, of course, not that I had to tell any of you that. In fact, during filming of Blown AwayCorey Haim spent his nights with then girlfriend Nicole Eggert hooked to bicyclesex Star in a hospital to battle withdrawal pains.

How Quickly Can You Fall From Highest Paid Teen Star to Soft-Core Porn?

Haim never beat that star addiction, fairy nudes. That same year, he went broke, filing for bankruptcy the next year. Ultimately, soft 15 stints in rehab, a few arrests, a number teen comeback attempts, unwanted sequels, teen a celebreality show with Feldman, Haim died in Sadly, the same cannot be said of the actor, a man with so much early teen, all lost to addiction.

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