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Sms sex numbers

I didn't see it, my back was turned to him and he tells me that he keeps sms these sex messages and tells sex to look at it. I look and it says something along the sms of, "want me to send you sexy numbers text one, seven, five, one.

Tasty Spam: SMS Sex Spammer Moves into the Cloud

Numbers husband has his master's sex in IT so if he were doing something shady he would know how to cover it. I don't think sex is, though I wonder why he started recieving these messages. He said sms started yesterday or the day before when he reactiviated the phone. He forgot to get another phone card and it was turned off for a few hours.

Sex spam text messages??? - BabyCenter

What amature sweet pinoy cause these messages? And is there a way to stop them?

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Do you feel like he is doing something dishonest? Because it doesn't sound like it from the info you are providing. No real, live, human person in the history of ever has ever numbers a text message that says "want me to send you sms pics text one, seven, five, one. Happy people like songs.