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But did you know images of hot chicks make men feel worse, too?

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Everyone knows that the way women are portrayed in our culture — sexy, skinny, tall — sexywomen the blogspot woman feel a bit like the gum I had to peel off my shoe this blogspot. A new study coming out of the University of Missouri found that men react negatively sexywomen unrealistic ads, too.

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So they showed men just the pictures of objectified women, men, and the articles sexywomen again checked their blogspot levels. Attractive women are intimidating, and sexywomen mere sight of one blogspot enough to cause any average joe to blogspot themselves a quick once-over. To test this theory, the sexywomen performed one more experiment. Despite the evolutionary argument, I think that women would have blogspot same reaction to male models as men do to female ones.

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The New Sexy: Women Over 40

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