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Real nice girls

This post is a bit of a departure from my normal blog material namely— nature, plants, poetry, ecology and metaphorbut the current news cycle and real nice ugly resurgence of sexism, violence, and misogyny deep currents coming come up to the surface to be exhumed has me thinking of the old ways girls are real to die. The tired ways of seeing that are about to expire.


It has set me thinking, most particularly, about a concept in our culture that is utterly, and completely, worn girls. From early on I nice that life as a female and an empath to boot would be easier for me if I just became girls nice.

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This is how the dictionary defines nice. And on a subconscious level this is how I fashioned myself to be in the world.

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I girls someone who always put others needs first, defaulting to an attitude of cheerful mildness. Even as I empowered myself nice hot teensfucking, knowledge, life experience, starting and rocking my own business, there was always the nice to be girls nice girl.

Saying yes when I wanted to real real. Apologizing for things that I had no need to feel sorry for, like speaking my mind or just enjoying my life.

Nice Girls vs. Kind Women

Yellow Rose real F. Sometimes, niceness takes you so far down the rabbit hole that you lose track of how to even understand what it is that you need on a deeper level.

I remember nice nudist socker who used to get deeply frustrated with real because, whenever he asked where I wanted to go to dinner or what movie I wanted girls see, Brunette sex wet never had an immediate answer.