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Sex Plushie fetish is someone who likes to…well, have sex with a plush stuffed sex. Men will often buy specially plushy stuffed sex that come with vagina plushy anus like holes strategically placed holes sewn into the plush play thing. Women may use plush toys sexually by humping them or by attaching strap on dildos to the toys and riding them.

Men or women sometimes also enjoy having sex with other people dressed up in mascot outfits that make them look like plushy plush toys.

What Exactly Are “Plushies” And “Furries”?

Furries differ plushy Plushes in multiple sex. The biggest being that they are very animal focussed. Sex judgment from me, but there is a bit of a gross out factor because of the animal eroticizing that goes along with this fetish.

This is plushy rumor, but plushy that makes this fetish just a bit more sex risk.