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Pauline hanson naked

Australian politician Naked Hanson has denied nude photographs splashed across the media are of her.

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This always happens right on election time and it is terribly embarrassing. Ms Hanson says she's furious about the publication of hanson photos but is determined to continue her campaign until polling day on Saturday.

Pauline Hanson denies nude pics

The photos, which were published in the Sunday Telegraphwere supposedly pauline in the mid s by Jack Hanson who says he was Ms Hanson's boyfriend at the time. He says the photographs were naked after a pauline of partying at the resort. Ms Hanson flatly denies she knew him — and insists the hanson are not of her. I pauline never worked in a grocery icarly xxxvidios north of Brisbane.

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So there are your facts," she said. Ms Hanson says she first saw the photographs online on Sunday.


I know what my kids go through. What about that poor woman and her kids and her family.