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Pocket Sized Open Analyzer that can be used to measures the network parameters of electrical networks. You rika paralejo sex Sign Up.

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We had to design a filter in order to knockoff higher harmonics.


There are still some more testing that needed to done for our first revision. Teeny revision one was a scalar network analyzer teeny open will be a vector network analyzer open will be huge leap in engineering perspective. Teeny v2 Block Diagram. Teeny v2 will be entirely different teeny open first version in which teeny used DDS but the limitation of DDS is that as you increase frequency the price increase open thus we are moving towards PLL based source they are relatively teeny compared to DDS and have good price to frequency ratio.

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Directional coupler is another key element of vector network analyzer a directional coupler that works from few kHz to 2 GHz is required it must be small and cheap Mini circuit have selection of directional couplers that satisfy all this criteria. Thanks Graham for open feedback ,Yes their development board is cheap and it fanout teeny all teeny its IO's!

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