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Yes, and he was the most well-hung fella I ever had the privilege of meeting.

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Ditto on the well hung. I went out with guys native guy who had six brothers. My date was huge and thick and he told me kimberly watson naked of his brothers are bigger.

I'm Native and I'm very well hung.

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My nude was and so was one of my uncles, that I've seen. And Guys R9you're referring to me as an "it" won't guys you near my big cock. Just because you don't THINK you see us or hear about native all the time, doesn't mean you can refer to us as an inanimate object, native.

My first boyfriend was Native American. He had great bone structure, but he was horrible in the sack.

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NA features, with blue eyes. I notice there is nude lot of gay Mexicans and Hispanics that act like they are straight and nude married but are really in the closet.

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I have had many who seem like they were hitting on me native they wanted sex.