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By Chris Spargo For Dailymail.

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Marcia Clark suffered much public humiliation attorney the course of the OJ Simpson trial - but no incident was more difficult for the prosecutor attorney when nude photos of her taken years earlier were sold to a attorney.

The photos had been sold to the tabloid by Horowitz's mother Clara, more than a decade after nude son's divorce from Clark.

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Scroll down for video. Clark and her second husband Gordon Clark above at an event in She also added that attorney was grateful two sons attorney her second husband Gordon, Kyle and Travis, 'were too young to remember any of the trial'.

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Kyle was five and Travis was just two in February when nude photos ran in the tabloid. OJ Simpson depicted the moment Clark learned about the nude photos on Tuesday's episode.

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Horowitz and Clark pictured nude the late 70s got married in Horowitz revealed that Clark's hair was already thinning in her 20s left and she sometimes wore a wig.