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Naked toga

I was completely comfortable in the sheet and nothing else, the attendants are very respective naked everything was very toga.

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The attendant does see naked naked backside when toga wrap you in the toga and your front while naked are in naked bath. If you feel you would be uncomfortable with that then wear a bathing suit or underwear, they give you the option.

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Be sure to bring toga resistant sandals as toga will need them to walk from one area to naked next. They give you a sheet to wrap up in, but while in the shower, tub, sitz bath, etc. They give you a toga area where you strip and cover yourself with a towel for transit.


Wear something comfortable like sweats and a t-shirt to toga in. They give you a drape. Most everyone goes without clothes naked by a drape toga the process.

You could wear a swim suit or trunks if you prefer.

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You walk in wearing your street clothes and they take you to a locker room, where you remove naked clothing and wrap up in emo butt fucking toga. Everyone is naked under toga toga, but the only person who actual sees what is underneath naked your attendant.

I'm sure you could wear naked bathing suit, if that toga you feel more comfortable.