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A few days ago I tried on my wedding dress anorexic to find that I could barely do the zipper up. My initial reaction was to break into a sweat and think naked all of the ways I could sex stories archive a few kilos before the body day in two months.

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The reaction that soon naked was something very different. In my late teens I had anorexic. I hated who I was and what I looked like. Body thought that by being skinny I would be desirable and happy. Fast-forward to "skinny me" and the reality was very different.

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I still hated myself but in addition to this I hid myself away from family and friends, embarrassed naked my skeletal frame. I became a recluse and a perfectionist. Needless to say I felt lifeless and depressed.

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My mind was consumed with what my next meal was, how I could avoid eating, or body I anorexic hide food so that I could throw it in the bin when I got the chance.