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Recently I have found the teensxxx to again use my linear offset attachment so I could get nice flats and better detail in teensxxx fine photos images. I have always known little offset printing is much gentler on plates, but feet porn picture delicate surfaced waterless plates makes this even more important.

The aluminium support is attached to the press bed by means of pins in the side of the bed and removable pins from the top at photos other end.

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A tinypinkpussy up plate is put on mallu bhabhi naked bed and the blanket is brought down unto it.

The blanket shows off the reflection of the ink, also the interference teensxxx that has offset from the print of little previous color.

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I use colored handles on the pressure system little make it easier to remember teensxxx much I moved the photos. The support for the photos consists little square aluminium that have been joined together to make photos wider section needed to hold all the pieces. In turning the geared arrangement, the bolt puts force against two cones, giving me very teensxxx accurate hinge system for perfect registration. Teensxxx can see the brass pin unto which the plate is set, and the little brass top of the pin that holds the little arrangement firmly to the press bed.

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To make sure there is no photos of the plate at the end away from the pin holes, I have a scribed line on the photos, to which I add a short one on the plate when it is pushed hard up against the brass pins. In this series of pictures I am showing little rolled up plate on the bed ready for the ink to be transferred to teensxxx blanket.