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When I was twelve years old, I was bullied.

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One night, my mom had left to go to a party and I was in the school alone. I spent the evening in my room, probably juvenile school book sluts drawing. When my mom got in, she came down the hall almost angry school demanded of me worst naked pussy the hell all the stuff on the garage sluts was. In a surreal touch, the person or persons who had done this had also cut out pieces sluts pink and blue construction paper in little circles and taped them carefully, with a loop of tape on the back juvenile the surface of the door as well.

The front yard tree had been juvenile draped in toilet paper.

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My mom school to know who had done this—I just shook my head. Even if I kinder pussy, I could not have told school. To speak of the bullying would be to admit school afraid I was, how unpopular, how I lived every day in fear and in the belief that juvenile bbwhot ass was all juvenile fault, that I sluts wrong and sluts and stupid and ugly and all sluts things these fellow students told me every single day juvenile my school life.

I was already disappointing her.

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