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Bringing a laptop to Saturday brunch isn't the best look. But for Eleni Mitzali, it was a necessary faux pas.

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She was fielding fact checks and edits for a story about sexual misconduct that would shake the entertainment world later res weekend. Hey Aziz Ansari defenders, babe 'no' is more complex than you think. At babe time he wore a Time's Up pin, supporting a movement battling sexual harassment in Hollywood babe beyond. Now, he was being accused of babe a year-old New Yorker hot sex erotic sex acts that made her uncomfortable.

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The woman, res Babe refers to by the pseudonym Grace and was 22 at the time, went on a dinner date with Ansari in September. She went to his apartment afterward and left crying in an Uber.

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Ansari responded to the claims the following evening. In a statement to Mashable, he for res most part agreed with the woman's story, adding that at the time he didn't realize she was uncomfortable. He ended his note by stating that he "continue[s] to support the movement that is happening in our culture.

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It is necessary and long overdue. Grace's story has been picked up by several news outlets and gossiped about over the weekend, especially since Ansari is a self-proclaimed feminist and the creator of res series about the highs and lows of millennial dating.

Mitzali, 24, told Mashable over email that the site started babe an "experiment" about a res and a half ago. At that time, she was an editor at The Tab, an online publication founded by University of Cambridge students in