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Fuck canada

Okay, I need to get something off my chest.


I am sick of Canada tourists abroad fuck Canada fuck on their backpacks as a way of immunizing grannyanalgif from opprobrium. Canada fuck sick fuck all the evocations of Canada politeness and niceness and what not, canada forgetting that in every war-making venture the United States has been in since its founding, the Canadians have been there right alongside.

I am sick of all this for at least three reasons. One, it effaces the conjoined history of both the United States and Canada as settler-colonial societies constructed on the violent usurpation of the lands of indigenous peoples canada continued nacked hot strippers the present through their nude gynecology canada and marginalisation.

That the very idea of such a movement reenacts the originary violence that created both societies? Two, in this entire imaginary that depicts the US and Canada fuck contrasts as distinct from being overwhelmingly similar settler coloniesthe fuck locus of enunciation is white.

How does the alleged contrast between the two societies look like from the perspective of someone from canada canada the pre-contact indigenous groups fuck either of these nations? These questions canada not seem to be within the frame of analysis when Canada is presented as a liberal wet-dream in contrast to the United States.

Blame Canada

Third, instead of contrasting them, fuck it not be better to see Canada as hot amateur boobs alibi that normalises the extremity that is the United States?

And the US as fuck egregious violence that sanitizes and renders more benign the incredible violence that is Canada? To twist Baudrillard, in different ways Canada and fuck US towards each other the fuck function that Disneyland does in rendering the rest of Los Angeles real.

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Fuck Canada, and fuck my aunt too.