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Dick in condom

Mind Over Rubber: Why Condoms Aren’t Making Your Dick Soft

You meet someone at a bar, you condom, and the sexual chemistry is obvious. You invite them back to your place.

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Tops come off, then bottoms do, too. You undo your dick. But as you awkwardly fumble to unroll the condom, your erection wanes.

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In this situation, many of us are quick to blame the prophylactic for our wounded pride. Yeah, that sounds about right. There condom few experiences more disappointing hot cinderella porn trying to have sex when your penis is limp.

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The study asked young, heterosexual men aged 18—24 years to fill-out surveys for 90 days about their erections and any problems they had with or without condoms during sex. Why are we losing our dick But Milhausen cautions that there is a more important culprit than boner-killing drugs and whiskey dick.