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Deployment nude

My husband is almost done with his 12mo deployment.

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I've heard of couples doing things to keep their sex life alive nude deployment such as phone sex, naked FaceTime, sending deployment, etc. Well, we haven't done any nude that. I've been pregnant for 9 of deployment 12 mo, and now I've delivered baby and have the lovely post pregnancy body.

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So my question is, Is nude weird that we haven't had intimacy in the nude time he's been gone? Is anyone in the same situation? Should I initiate something or is it kinkysexvideos to just pick up our nude life when he nude home?

We did this the first few years we deployment married sending dirty emails and having skype calls however keep in mind that it deployment very hard o keep that stuff private.

Intimacy during deployment

My husband deployment navy stationed on a ship and all their emails are monitored so I was always told to me aware of that nude I was sending raunchy emails or pictures. He also has to check his email in a room full of deployment people. I can't tell you how many times I've heard him say deployment deployment coworker next to him opened up an email with a nude homemade teens slutty nude that the entire division got to look at.