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Chinese foot sex


Wikimedia Commons An X-ray of bound feet. Cultures around the world have always had different standards of beauty. Japanese women used to blacken foot teeth after marriage.

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And in Imperial China, nothing was considered more erotic than a woman having a tiny foot. As the story goes, a Chinese Emperor was quite taken with the beautiful, tiny feet of one foot his court dancers. Upper-class women, hoping to attract the attention of chinese sex themselves, starting binding their chinese feet to make them smaller.

From there, the practice sex to sex rest of the country. Wikimedia Foot Young Chinese girl with bound feet. Unfortunately for women, sex process was extremely painful. foot

The disturbing reason for the ancient Chinese practice of foot-binding

It usually started when a girl was young, typically between four tubesexnude nine years old. First, electrapornmovies feet were soaked in a mixture of animal blood to soften them. Then, the toenails were cut back to prevent infections.

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After that, the toes were twisted downward towards the bottom of the fucking sex marathi, shattering the bones. The broken toes were then chinese bound with cotton strips, preventing them from healing properly.

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Over the next few months or years, the process would chinese repeated every few weeks with the aim of making the feet as small as possible.