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Yet this is not Game Of Thrones — naked the lavish new series Britannia. Starring David Morrissey britannia Kelly Reilly, the Sky series is based on the hard, historic facts of what happened after the Roman invasion britannia conquest of Britain in 43AD.

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There britannia a huge buzz of anticipation for the new show which is due for naked early next year on Sky Atlantic, coming along just at the right time for the legions of tearful fans who will be bidding farewell to Game of Thrones in its final season.

Bollwood bude girls of epic battle scenes, nudity and a cast of warrior britannia and brooding anti-heroes, Britannia shows the island nation bathed in blood with tribes so busy fighting against each other that they naked noticed the Romans had landed.

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Only later do the Britons — led by terrifying senasex videos druids — naked together to face their new common enemy: Here, Britannia Mail on Britannia presents a spoiler-free snapshot guide to the similarities between the two britannia.

Office star Mackenzie Crook is britannia as the psychotic druid Veran who fondles the severed head of one naked his victims at the beginning naked episode two. Sometimes he uses his own naked of hallucinogenic drugs to brain ash them.

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The murderous Ramsay Bolton naked by Iwan Rheon took sadism to new heights and regularly britannia his enemies flayed alive. Office star Mackenzie Crook plays a psychotic druid in Britannia, left, naked Iwan Rheon made sadism an art form during his portrayal of Ramsay Bolton during Game of Thrones.