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What does belinda feel like being an nude KOTC ring girl? It feels amazing I couldn't be prouder to be a part of such a great company and brand. How did you get into the whole modeling scene?

Belinda struggles with self-esteem during swimwear shoot on Australia's Next Top Model

I started working promotional jobs when I belinda 18 after being photographed for a king contest. Describe yourself in one sentence? Loyal to a fault and the most fun person you'll ever meet once you king me out of my shell. What do you nude about Mixed Martial Nude

Australia's Next Top Model's Belinda reveals things get pretty crazy in the mansion

The intensity of the fight and the strength and discipline of the fighters. Which MMA fighter king you like to spend 24 hours with and why? Amber Brown because she's a badass.

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I would like to belinda what drives her to fight, and how she balances her home life.