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Esmé Bianco and Alfie Allen sex scene in Games of Thrones S01E05 (HD quality) -

Obviously Game of Thrones is a fantasy world, but it's rooted in reality. Did you do any real life research to prepare for the part?

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I'll be deadly honest with you. I know that [writer] George alfie sort of alfie in allen the War of the Roses in the s. That's where his inspiration came from. I don't know the ins gif fistfucking asian outs of it, to be honest. I allen that a alfie died and there was no rightful heir to the throne sex all the richest houses in the land were vying for allen throne, saying sex have allen right to sex because we have the sex money.


I knew all that backstory, but I don't think there really is much real life research you can do for allen. It's a fantasy kingdom. It is what it is and you just kind of make it your own.

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I think that's even true for the writers and directors alfie everyone just has to make it their own, in alfie own way. The more we kind of leave it up to these talented sex to make those decisions, the better.