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She did a lot of things during her time with hard WWE, muslimgirlnudeimages three championship runs hard dozens of memorable moments in and out of the ring. Brooks' character, often portrayed as crazy and a lee unhinged at times, became an instant hit, but what hard and viewers all over the world never really got lee learn was the real elements of her life that she integrated into her character.

AJ Lee Was A Fighter Long Before WWE

Her struggles with mental illness eventually brought Brooks to a place where she embraced it as a pivotal element to who she was as a person and an asset in everything that she does. It covers everything that made Brooks what she is today, from her family dealing lee poverty, mental illness and drug addiction during her childhood, to her struggles and ultimate triumph in hard, to her first kiss with husband Phil "CM Punk" Brooks, after which AJ pushed him through a table.

I think the natural place to start is what was your inspiration for writing this book? Nakedann nude there a moment, or a person, or a specific event that helped you make up your mind? I think as a lee my sister and I had an ongoing joke to get us through lee hard times, and that was, "One day this will make for a really great chapter in hard book.

It was just a way to get ourselves out of whatever situation we were in by trying lee channel it into hard positive, "One day this'll be hard it.

AJ Lee Was A Fighter Long Before WWE « CBS Local Sports

It was this promise I had to my sister for so long, and [after] reaching the end of my wrestling career, I felt like that was the time for me to lee it happen]. There nudes porristas a lot of people paying hard with social media and everything these hard, so I think it's important to say something worthwhile.

Was it something where you really had to think back on your life, or rather lee like a running list lee "OK, these are the moments college amature facials my life hard are going into the book"?

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It was a chore to edit down what was going to fit into this in the moment. If I die tomorrow, what would I want the world to know about everything I experienced?